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Vít Bébar
Vít Bébar
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Let me introduce us briefly.

When studying piano at the Prague Conservatoire the harpsichord caught my interest severely. I went on studying playing this mysterius instrument at the Vienna University and started first attempts on harpsichord building there. Looking back, my a bit naive approach was necessary to get over all unexpected obstacles - recently I have been working as a builder over 20 years. I am active as a harpsichordist and a teacher, too.

Lots of quite different skills are required to build such a tricky instrument. Therefore, I decided to let a professional craftsmen take care of big cabinetmaker's tasks. It was very, very difficult to find somebody beeing able to fulfill my needs. After many years I succeeded: his name is Tibor Haluščák, his master workshop is located in Ochoz u Brna, he makes guitars, mandolins and lutes, and it is a pleasure to work with him. His task is to prepare a harpsichord case including its finish, my role is to do the soundboard, the mechanics and to make the instrument play in general.

Please feel free to contact me (in English, German or Czech) on phone or email or visit me in the workshop in Nosislav, a marvellous place 25 km south of Brno.